Erasmus+ Programmes

Erasmus+ is the EU’s program supporting education, training, youth, and sport in Europe. from 2021-2027.

The 2021-2027 programme places a strong focus on social inclusion, the green and digital transitions, and promoting young people’s participation in democratic life.

Dorset College welcomes collaborations with European institutions, promoting knowledge exchange and partnerships. Our diverse training environments provide the ideal platform to expand your teaching methods, gain valuable skills, and enhance your professional development.

• Course Highlights •

Learn from a team of expert Business & English Language Teachers.
Experience Irish culture and enjoy the varied range of social activities.
Small Class sizes where you learn to communicate more fluently and enjoy interesting lessons.
City Center location with easy access to all transport networks.

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English for Academic Professionals 

This intensive course is offered as a one-week immersion in English language, and is an excellent option for Higher Education Professionals  who would like a new challenge or need English for specific professional purposes.

Target Audience
This program is designed for academic professionals employed in Higher Education who aim to enhance their proficiency in both spoken and written English.

Course Outline

  • This course is delivered by our team of expert ESL teachers.
  • The focus is on engaging language classes, developing communication skills and enabling participants to undertake and complete practical administrative and academic management tasks.
  • Targeted grammar and vocabulary objectives aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) levels.
  • Regular assessment to continuously evaluate learners' progress.
  • Involvement in project-based fluency classes to enhance speaking abilities.

The requirement for entry to this course is:
CEFR B1+/B2 level (Intermediate Plus/Upper-intermediate level)

Social & Cultural Programme
Organized group trips to explore cultural and heritage sites under appropriate supervision.

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Academic Writing and Presentation Skills for Higher Education

Course Description
The focus is on developing the requisite skills to engage successfully in a range of academic settings.  Particular emphasis is placed on developing techniques to write in an academic format, and be aware of form and structure, while focusing on the nuances of style and register in both written and spoken contexts.

Aims & Objectives
Designed for academic professionals in Higher Education, participants will develop language and focus on techniques that will allow them to communicate more accurately through English in both written and spoken academic and professional situations.

Who Should Take This Course
This course is ideal for lecturers, administrative staff and researchers in the academic sectors who wish to enhance their general formal writing and presentation skills and work in a more sophisticated and appropriate manner

Course Outline

  • Writing structure (vocabulary; appropriate language in formal academic writing)
  • Referencing systems (Punctuation citing; Direct quotations (short and long), paraphrasing and summarising; Paraphrasing; Secondary referencing; Reference lists).
  • The notion of plagiarism (supporting an argument; using and understanding plagiarism software; interpreting similarity scores).
  • Analysis of various text styles and genres and their standard conventions.
  • Reviewing and Editing Academic Writing (Drafting academic work; Purpose of drafting; How editing improves academic argument; strategies for editing academic work).

The requirement for entry to this course is:
CEFR B1+ or B2 level (Intermediate Plus/Upper-intermediate level)

Social & Cultural Programme
Organized group trips to explore cultural and heritage sites under appropriate supervision. 

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Leadership & Management Skills for Academic Staff

Designed to provide Academic Professionals who wish to create and sustain an academic environment that enables effective leadership and high performance.  The course will enable you to identify your strengths and discover the skills and the next-level of competencies you need to develop to better lead yourself, your people and your organisation. 

Target Audience
For academic staff who are looking to explore and develop their personal leadership style.

Course Outline

Introduction to Leadership

  • Evaluate leadership styles and approaches in various contexts
  • Consider leadership dilemmas and their impact
  • Recognize the significance of personal and public ethics, morals, and values.

Personal Leadership & Project Management

  • Understand how individual differences influence personal leadership style
  • Demonstrate leadership skills and reflect on personal experiences


  • Apply people and resource management skills
  • Learn research and communication techniques

Leadership & Change Management

  • Understand the importance of leadership and management
  • Commit staff performance to achieve positive outcomes
  • Explore major models of change management for successful team leadership

Time Management

  • Efficiently manage time and set realistic deadlines
  • Prioritize tasks and balance workload effectively
  • Delegate responsibilities when necessary

Getting the Best from Your People

  • Plan for effective performance
  • Set realistic goals to enhance performance
  • Establish a mechanism for quantitative and qualitative feedback
  • Develop a strategy for training and developing people capability.

The requirement for entry to this course is:
CEFR B1 level (Intermediate Plus)

Social & Cultural Programme
Organized group trips to explore cultural and heritage sites under appropriate supervision.

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Project Management for Academic Administrators

Designed to provide academic staff at all levels with a comprehensive introduction to project management that will enable projects to be completed effectively and efficiently. You will develop the project management skills that enables the integration of best practice, people skills and good leadership through focusing on the key project management processes of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Project Closure.

Target Audience
This course is designed for academic staff at all levels in an institution.

Course Aims and Objectives

The aim is to ensure that the objectives of projects are achieved in the most appropriate way. Designed to extend and foster a deeper level of understanding and application that enables the participant to progress their expertise in Project Management.

  • Learn how to organise and support projects within the parameters of standard project management frameworks.
  • Explore best practices and tools in planning, organising, controlling, managing project risks, and successfully delivering projects.
  • Analyse the key tenets of each phase of the project management life cycle from initiation to lessons learned and the purpose of key documentation.
  • Analyse the role and benefits of Project Management within matrix organisations.
  • Put your new knowledge into practice with confidence.

The requirement for entry to this course is:
CEFR B1+/B2 level (Intermediate Plus/Upper-intermediate level)

Social & Cultural Programme
Organized group trips to explore cultural and heritage sites under appropriate supervision.

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Minimum number of students: 10
Duration: 1 week  Face to Face Can be customized to meet the requirements of Groups
Dorset College Campus: 20 hours per week From 9.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.
Live Online Option: 15 Hours per week From 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
Social Programme Schedule: Available on request [email protected].
Start Dates: Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sept, Oct, Nov.


Amount to request funding:
Tuition Only Face-to face €499 / Online €270.   If you are interested in obtaining additional details about our Erasmus+ courses, or if you wish to inquire about our diverse range of language courses, please don't hesitate to contact us.  You can reach out to us today by completing our contact form or by calling us directly on:

Our phone number is:  +353 1 57 6850
WhatsApp:  +353871391944
Our email is: [email protected].

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Our Social Programme

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What can I expect from the course?

  • A team of Native English Language or Business Teachers with extensive experience in their respective  fields.
  • Acquire knowledge, practical skills, and a deeper understanding of your field of study or professional interest.
  • Experience Irish culture and enjoy the varied range of social activities.
  • Connect with fellow students, professionals, and experts in your field, fostering collaborations and future opportunities.

Social and cultural programme
A programme is put in place to meet your interests in social and cultural activities/trips.

Our phone number is:  +353 1 57 6850
+353 871391944
Our email is:
 [email protected].


Minimum Age:
Course Starts:
See Details above
Lesson Length:
20 Hours (1 Week)
Available Levels:
Entry Level CEFR B1
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Accreditation and Memberships

Dorset College is recognised by ACELS, a service of Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) for English Language Teaching (ELT)

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